Commercial Carpet In Your Business?

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Can your commercial carpet be costing you business?

In the good old days of doing business a satisfied customer might refer you to a friend. A dissatisfied customer on the other hand might tell as many as twelve other people how you did them wrong. In today’s high-tech business world an unhappy customer will go online and vent their dissatisfaction to the whole world. Even with the best possible product or service, there may be aspects to the customer experience you have overlooked. The condition of your commercial carpet for instance. Due to complacency, a tight budget or simple lack of awareness you may have let things slide. A customer of mine learned a hard lesson. Little details that you take for granted day-to-day fade into the background of your office over time. Those little details stand out to your clientele creating negative moments of truth.

Blindsided By Feedback

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An orthopedic doctor hired me to clean their office carpet. They hadn’t cleaned it in three years. The carpet was multi-colored but you could tell that it was dirty. I don’t know why they had waited so long to clean the carpet. I suspect they just didn’t realize how dirty it actually was. After I had finished cleaning about half of the office the owner came in to see how things were progressing.

I showed him the difference between the section I cleaned and the uncleaned section. I could tell by the look on his face that he had no idea his commercial carpet was so dirty. He then explained to me the whole reason he scheduled this cleaning.

He had recently received a negative online review. The reviewer had mentioned how dirty the carpet was. He immediately instructed his staff to schedule a commercial carpet cleaning company to have the whole office cleaned.  We went in after hours and thoroughly cleaned all of the carpets. Unfortunately the damage to his reputation was already done and permanently posted to the cloud.

Often businesses put off cleaning and maintenance and don’t budget for routine cleaning. They wait until their floors look really dirty before the have them cleaned.  This creates a uneven perception of their business for their customers. The floors get gradually dirtier and dirtier and then all of a sudden they are clean. Depending on how often the customers visit the business they see inconsistent levels of cleanliness.  So much emphasis is put on consistency of products and services in today’s market place. Why shouldn’t the same consistency apply to the appearance of your business?

The Solution

Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile care can create a customized commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance program for your business so that your carpet and other flooring NEVER look dirty. We can perform an initial restoration cleaning to bring your businesses floor coverings back to square one. Then, regular low-moisture maintenance cleanings will keep up a consistent appearance. Remember, the cost neglecting your businesses flooring could be much higher than the cost of keeping it clean. Don’t let what happened to this doctor happen to you!