Fabric Protector Good, Fabric Dye Better.

Fabric protector

Fabric protectorFabric protector could save you up to $12,000!

An interior designer asked me to “Scotchgard” 8 dining chairs. She explained that she remodeled her clients dining room and had 16 linen dining chairs made for it; 8 were multi-colored and 8 were stark white. The 8 white chairs were too white! The client thought her children would ruin the 8 white chairs. The designer needed a cost effective solution because each chair cost $1500! Since no one wanted to spend another $12,000 to recover the 8 chairs they decided fabric protector would be the best way to protect the chairs from the children. Fabric protector would prolong the life of the chairs but to me it didn’t seem like a complete solution. After all, the client will still have 8 white chairs that she will always be hesitant to allow her children to sit on. The better solution, I thought, was to dye the chairs a darker color.

I’m dyeing to save your chairs…

Carpet & Fabric DyeingI made the suggestion to the designer and she responded the way I have come to expect people to respond to this sort of thing – “You can do that?!” Elated that she had found the best solution she sent me off with samples from which I could match colors. Two days later 1 1/4 yards of the white linen fabric arrived at my door. I started mixing dye and creating dozens of color samples to show the designer and her client.

She quickly narrowed it down to 3 colors and I made large samples of those colors to drape over the chairs to get a feel of how they will look. They decided on the final color and I went out to the clients house to dye the chairs. Finally, after I dyed the chairs I applied a coating of fabric protector for good measure. Now the client can let her whole family use the dining chairs with her mind at ease.

Fabric ProtectorCarpet & Fabric Dyeing

Get more life from your carpet & upholstery.

Animal urine, in addition to some cleaning products remove color from nylon and wool carpet. Fabric protector does not prevent bleaching. However, we can be dye the carpet back to hide the bleached spot. Most people don’t know that carpet and upholstery can be dyed. As a result, otherwise perfectly good carpet and furniture is discarded before its usefulness has expired.  An IICRC Certified Color Repair Technician can restore life to a spot or a whole room. Call us before you decide to spend money on new flooring or furniture. We will show you what we can do for you.