Announcing Our New Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process!

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floor cleaning hardly would floor cleaner.

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Deep Clean Your Floors With Our New Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process.

We have a brand new hardwood floor cleaning process that utilizes a revolutionary new machine designed specifically for deep cleaning wood flooring.  This new process is not meant to be an alternative to refinishing your floors but as interim maintenance between refinishing’s.  During a refinishing the floor is patched and sanded to remove all scratches, coatings and color from the floor.  The floor is then stained and a new polyurethane coating is applied.  As you can imagine, or may have experienced, this is a messy process.  It is recommended that refinishing be done every 7 to 10 years.  With our hardwood floor cleaning process you should be able to extend the time between refinishing’s by several years.

8 Step Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process.

Our 8 step hardwood floor cleaning process uses a specially formulated cleaning solution and soft rotating brush to gently scrub the floor.  We get into the grooves and crevices where soils build up and conventional cleaning with mops and rags can’t always get.  Improper routine maintenance will hasten the build up of soils in the grooves of the wood.  A professional hardwood floor cleaning will wipe the slate clean, so-to-speak, and with proper maintenance extend the time necessary between professional interventions.  As our machine passes over the floor it extracts the dirty solution and leaves the floor clean, dry and ready to be re-coated.

Our durable polyurethane hardwood floor finish will protect your floor from scratches and stains and leave a brilliant shine making your floors like new again.  Or if you prefer less of a shiny appearance we can apply a the same polyurethane coating in a matte finish after the hardwood floor cleaning.

Implementing a hardwood floor cleaning and care program that includes our 8 step hardwood floor cleaning process will save you the mess of too frequent refinishing, keep your floors looking beautiful and save you money!  Call today to schedule a free on site inspection and estimate!

Check back soon to see pictures and videos of this amazing new process.