Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaning is One Small Piece of a Very Large Puzzle

Organic carpet cleaning is in it’s infancy. I have no doubt that one day when it grows up, it will replace non-organic carpet cleaning techniques.  At the present time there are several things inhibiting an industry wide change.

The First Problem

They just don’t work. In certain circumstances organic carpet cleaning chemicals are very effective and are all you need to clean a carpet. Unfortunately these circumstances are the exception and not the rule. They could be an effective part of a very diligent house and carpet cleaning routine. Regular vacuuming and removing your shoes at the door will prevent the need for restorative carpet cleaning. Keeping adjacent hard surfaces clean and keeping food and drinks out of carpeted areas will too. Of course, not allowing pets in the house will go a long way to staving off restorative type cleaning. Most people don’t follow these rules, though. As such restorative carpet cleaning is almost always necessary.

organic carpet cleaning

Organic carpet cleaning could not effectively clean such a soiled carpet as this.

The Second Problem

Organic carpet cleaning is the latest trend. Government regulators are slow to react to trends. Chemical manufacturers can claim that they make organic carpet cleaning chemicals. However, there are no regulations to vet their claims validity. Even Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of these chemicals don’t tell you what is actually in these products. Manufacturers don’t have to list the chemicals ingredients  on the label or in the SDS. They can claim that their products are organic but they have no accountability to back it up. Cleaners also claim that they are using organic carpet cleaning chemicals. Many of them truly believe that they are. Unfortunately consumers have no reliable way to know what is being used to clean their home.

The Good News

With Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care you can know exactly what you’re getting. We don’t claim to use organic carpet cleaning chemicals. We do, however, promise that our products are completely safe for people, pets and the environment. During an average carpet cleaning we only use about 12 oz. of cleaning solution. We dilute it, heavily, with water and then rinse it from your carpet. That way we minimize your family’s exposure to our cleaning solutions. For an average size home that comes to .016 ounces of cleaning solution per square foot of carpet! That’s good news weather they are organic cleaning chemicals or not.

Maybe you’re passionate about having your carpet cleaned with only organic carpet cleaning chemicals. If so, we can perform a free in home audit to determine if we can effectively clean your carpet organically.

Organic carpet cleaning chemicals will be the standard in the carpet cleaning industry.  For now, though, beware of anyone claiming they are using 100% organic carpet cleaning chemicals.