Scotchgard Your Carpet… or Not?

 Scotchgard is Good but Maxim is Better

Scotchgard is an ok carpet protector and it will due if that’s what is available to you but at Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care we only apply Maxim Advance Carpet Protector to synthetic carpet fiber.

Is Scotchgard Safe?

Scotchgard was not used in this video.First off let’s clear the air around Scotchgard and carpet protectors in general.  There is misinformation surrounding carpet protector that stems from a Scotchgard product that no longer exists.  Carpet protector is safe when applied properly and its benefits outweigh any imaginary health concerns that exist about the products.  Protected carpet is eaiser to clean, resists staining, maintains appearance, and lasts longer than unprotected carpet.  That means that you will have a healthier indoor environment because your carpet will be cleaner.  You will save money buy not having to buy new flooring as often.  You will keep your old carpet out of the landfill which is good for the environment.  Best of all when you hire professional carpet cleaning companies you are supporting small local businesses that can’t be outsourced.

Scotchgard vs. Maxim

Scotchgard and Maxim share some similarities but they are very different. Both are applied to damp carpet with a mechanical sprayer after a carpet cleaning. That is where the similarities end and where our preference for Maxim Advance carpet protector begins. Scotchgard manipulates surface tension causing liquids to bead on the top of the fabric. This gives you a window of opportunity to blot the spill. This is great if you happen to see the spill when it happened. If you didn’t, however, it will eventually soak down into the fabric creating a stain, rendering the Scotchgard useless.

Maxim Works Differently

Unlike Scotchgard, Maxim coats the whole fiber with an ionic bond that resists wear from foot traffic and vacuuming. It also fills in microscopic holes created as an side effect of the nylon extrusion process. Maxim fills in these holes so that spilled liquids won’t be able to. What all this boils down to is that you no longer need to be present at every single spill, or puppy accident that happens in your home. Now your window of opportunity has grown from several minutes to possibly years!  Stains on carpet protected with Maxim Advance carpet protector can be removed either when you eventually notice the spot or the next time you have your carpet professionally cleaned, although sooner is always better.

Maxim Has an Additional Benefit That Scotchgard Doesn’t

But wait… There’s more! Remember what I said about foot traffic and vacuuming wearing down Scotchgard effectiveness, and how Maxim lasts longer because it’s not sitting on the surface? Well another benefit that Maxim has that Scotchgard doesn’t is dry soil abrasion resistance. What’s that you say? Glad you asked. You know how after awhile carpet starts to look dingy and gross in the traffic areas and no matter how many times you clean it it doesn’t improve? Well that’s because synthetic carpet is made out of plastic. When you put dirt on plastic and rub it – like when you walk on dirty carpet with dirty feet – it scratches the carpet changing it’s appearance making it look not so shiny and new. But because Maxim coats the whole carpet fiber it keeps dirt away from the carpet fiber and prevents the carpet from looking dingy and worn.

Plus, since Maxim is all we use and we’re so confident it is the best, we provide you with a warranty when you purchase carpet protector from Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care.  If you have a stain and can’t get it out with the spotter we leave for you we will attempt to remove the spot and if we can’t we will refund the cost of the protector.  Double bonus!

But what does it all mean, Basil?!

Simply put, Maxim is better than Scotchgard, it will save you money, your carpet will look good, stay clean and make you happy! Below is a video demonstrating Maxim Advance carpet protector.