Bleach Stains Repaired Like They Were Never Even There!

bleach stains

We can fix your bleach stains. Don’t fire your cleaning just yet because we can fix those bleach stains she made by toting a leaky bottle of bathroom cleaner through your house. Carpet color repair is a great option for people who like to save money and would rather repair their carpet than replace it. “Mending is better than ending.” – Casey Neistat Healthy Clean…

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Carpet Cleaning Cost – How Much Should It Be?

carpet cleaning cost

You Get What You Pay For You’ve heard it a million times or more, “you get what you pay for”. It is just as true for the cleaning industry as anything else. It is an important bit of wisdom to remember when being bombarded by coupons and advertisements offering extraordinary deals like “any 5 rooms for $69”, “any 3 rooms for $49”, or my…

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Carpet Dents and Divots – How to Remove Them

Carpet Dents

Carpet Dents & Divots – Where do They Come From? Carpet dents and divots caused by heavy furniture on the carpet can be an unsightly nuisance. Professional carpet cleaning won’t remove them because enough moisture isn’t able to reach the carpet backing. You, however, can do it yourself. In this article we will explain why they occur and reveal a very easy way to remove them….

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Grout Sealer – Is It Worth It?

Grout Cleaning Rinse

Is grout sealer worth the additional expense? I am often asked if grout sealer actually works.  It’s one of those things that people are leery of trading their hard earned money for because it is invisible and it’s benefits won’t pay off immediately.  I can assure you, though, that grout sealer does work and is well worth the expense.  Don’t take my word for…

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Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic Carpet Cleaning is One Small Piece of a Very Large Puzzle Organic carpet cleaning is in it’s infancy. I have no doubt that one day when it grows up, it will replace non-organic carpet cleaning techniques.  At the present time there are several things inhibiting an industry wide change. The First Problem They just don’t work. In certain circumstances organic carpet cleaning chemicals are…

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Fabric Protector Good, Fabric Dye Better.

Fabric protector

Fabric protector could save you up to $12,000! An interior designer asked me to “Scotchgard” 8 dining chairs. She explained that she remodeled her clients dining room and had 16 linen dining chairs made for it; 8 were multi-colored and 8 were stark white. The 8 white chairs were too white! The client thought her children would ruin the 8 white chairs. The designer needed a cost effective solution because each…

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Commercial Carpet In Your Business?

commercial carpet

Can your commercial carpet be costing you business? In the good old days of doing business a satisfied customer might refer you to a friend. A dissatisfied customer on the other hand might tell as many as twelve other people how you did them wrong. In today’s high-tech business world an unhappy customer will go online and vent their dissatisfaction to the whole world. Even with…

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Clean Carpet Equals Clean Indoor Air: Can Carpet Cleaning Help to Reduce Air Pollution?

Professional carpet cleaning

Clean Carpet Equals Clean Indoor Air: Can Carpet Cleaning Help to Reduce Air Pollution?      Believe it or not, clean carpet has a direct effect on the quality of the air inside your home. Most people don’t appreciate the correlation between the flooring in your home and the air you breathe. The EPA estimates that the air inside your home is up-to 100 times more…

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Remove Nail Polish Carpet Stains – Tips From A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Nail Polish Carpet

Don’t Remove Nail Polish Carpet Stains! Call Me First! When you remove nail polish carpet stains it is important to address both parts of the nail polish, the carrier and the solids. The color is dissolved into the solids and the solids are dissolved into the carrier to make a liquid that can be easily applied to the nail. The carrier is usual some form of…

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Carpet Cleaner Reviews

carpet cleaner reviews

Carpet cleaner reviews are not always as they seem. They say that if a customer is happy with a service provider they might tell one person. If they are not happy, however, they will tell everyone they know. Unfortunately, like pricing in this industry, online carpet cleaner reviews are not always what they seem. If it seems like one carpet cleaner has a lot more…

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