Bleach Stains Repaired Like They Were Never Even There!

bleach stains

We can fix your bleach stains. Don’t fire your cleaning just yet because we can fix those bleach stains she made by toting a leaky bottle of bathroom cleaner through your house. Carpet color repair is a great option for people who like to save money and would rather repair their carpet than replace it. “Mending is better than ending.” – Casey Neistat Healthy Clean…

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Fabric Protector Good, Fabric Dye Better.

Fabric protector

Fabric protector could save you up to $12,000! An interior designer asked me to “Scotchgard” 8 dining chairs. She explained that she remodeled her clients dining room and had 16 linen dining chairs made for it; 8 were multi-colored and 8 were stark white. The 8 white chairs were too white! The client thought her children would ruin the 8 white chairs. The designer needed a cost effective solution because each…

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Traffic Wear: 6 Steps to Maintaining Your Carpet

traffic wear

Traffic Wear Is Preventable Everyone loves the feeling they get right after a professional carpet cleaning. It looks clean and almost new again, it smells good and it feels good. After a carpet cleaning my clients often say, “now I just have to try to keep it this way”. That is always the biggest challenge in keeping a clean home. The most frequently mentioned concern is…

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