Fabric Protector Good, Fabric Dye Better.

Fabric protector

Fabric protector could save you up to $12,000! An interior designer asked me to “Scotchgard” 8 dining chairs. She explained that she remodeled her clients dining room and had 16 linen dining chairs made for it; 8 were multi-colored and 8 were stark white. The 8 white chairs were too white! The client thought her children would ruin the 8 white chairs. The designer needed a cost effective solution because each…

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Traffic Wear: 6 Steps to Maintaining Your Carpet

traffic wear

Traffic Wear Is Preventable Everyone loves the feeling they get right after a professional carpet cleaning. It looks clean and almost new again, it smells good and it feels good. After a carpet cleaning my clients often say, “now I just have to try to keep it this way”. That is always the biggest challenge in keeping a clean home. The most frequently mentioned concern is…

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