Fabric Protector Good, Fabric Dye Better.

Fabric protector

Fabric protector could save you up to $12,000! An interior designer asked me to “Scotchgard” 8 dining chairs. She explained that she remodeled her clients dining room and had 16 linen dining chairs made for it; 8 were multi-colored and 8 were stark white. The 8 white chairs were too white! The client thought her children would ruin the 8 white chairs. The designer needed a cost effective solution because each…

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Scotchgard Your Carpet… or Not?

 Scotchgard is Good but Maxim is Better Scotchgard is an ok carpet protector and it will due if that’s what is available to you but at Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care we only apply Maxim Advance Carpet Protector to synthetic carpet fiber. Is Scotchgard Safe? First off let’s clear the air around Scotchgard and carpet protectors in general.  There is misinformation surrounding carpet…

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