Remove Nail Polish Carpet Stains – Tips From A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Nail Polish Carpet

Don’t Remove Nail Polish Carpet Stains! Call Me First! When you remove nail polish carpet stains it is important to address both parts of the nail polish, the carrier and the solids. The color is dissolved into the solids and the solids are dissolved into the carrier to make a liquid that can be easily applied to the nail. The carrier is usual some form of…

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Traffic Wear: 6 Steps to Maintaining Your Carpet

traffic wear

Traffic Wear Is Preventable Everyone loves the feeling they get right after a professional carpet cleaning. It looks clean and almost new again, it smells good and it feels good. After a carpet cleaning my clients often say, “now I just have to try to keep it this way”. That is always the biggest challenge in keeping a clean home. The most frequently mentioned concern is…

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